The Walking In Arlington table at Town Day 2012 was a big success. We talked with many, many people interested in walking, and in improving the pedestrian environment. We have gotten 70 replies so far to our survey on shopping on foot in Arlington and walking on the bike path.

The survey is now closed; thank you for your responses!
We would love to hear more opinions and experiences. The survey is available on our web site. If you already filled it out at Town Day, thanks so much. If not, please consider taking a few minutes to tell us what you think. You can fill in the circle, or bold the answer or answers that apply in the multiple choice questions, and type or write your other reasons and other thoughts.

You can send the survey back to us by email, scan, or postal mail. Please reply by October 2nd.

(email option):
The survey is in Microsoft Word format. You should be able to type your answers onto the document and save your own version of it. If you do this, please save it with your name or nickname, attach that file to an email, and email it back to us at For example name your document: “Walking In Arlington Town Day 2012 survey – Patty Pedestrian”, or “Walking In Arlington Town Day 2012 survey – William Walker”, or “Walking In Arlington Town Day 2012 survey – Suzy Cyclist”. You get the idea!

(scan option):
If you prefer, you can use the PDF version or print out the Word version, hand write your comments on it, scan the paper, and email that back.

(postal mail option):
Or you can postal mail filled out surveys to Walking In Arlington, 65 Randolph Street, Arlington, MA 02474.

If you do hand write, please take the extra time to write very neatly, especially when writing email addresses. If we misread a single letter, we can not contact you.

Please send the survey back by October 2nd. We plan to compile the quantitative and qualitative data and analyze it. We hope to share it, with names removed, with local businesses, advocacy groups, nonprofits, and the Town. All original raw data will be kept private in the files of Walking In Arlington. Information from surveys may be shared, but individual names and contact information will not.

Tell us what you think. What’s your experience with shopping on foot in Arlington and walking on the bike path? Please let us know by October 2nd.